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Why Pseudo Civilian?

What We Saw

We observed that Governments are not willing to give their citizens more freedoms than they currently have. This is accurate now and throughout history.

We observed that Governments consistently move to restrict their citizens with more laws and taxes. They establish projects and agencies to feed the interests of their donors and move to defend their own assets in times of crisis.

We observed that non-government actors such as the News-media, and terrorist organizations distract, harm, and radicalize vulnerable people.

We also observed that when enough people act together we can save ourselves from persecution and tyranny.

What We Do

Our sole objective is to provide standardized and accurate information that enables anyone to defend themselves and their beliefs from domestic and foreign actors.

This is simply a source of information on topics that aren't typically in the mainstream.

Why We Do It

We are an internally funded group, we have no interest in sponsorships or politics.

We believe that widespread proficiency in military skills aids in global security.

. . .

When our courts and public offices are filled with controlling, corrupt, and greedy personnel, it becomes the duty of citizens to resist; not out of hatred for the powerful, but out of obligation to the oppressed.


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