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The Future of Pseudo Civilian

Pseudo Civilian was born on 6 September 2022, originally as a side piece to a different project that was started around the same time. When it was first created, we had one intent: to gauge the 2A/Gun communities’ interest in an open source information exchange. To our surprise, it dwarfed the other projects we were working on at the time.

We took careful notes of the interest the idea had generated, the feedback we had received, and the topics that people wanted to hear more about. We put the project onto the backburner for 6 months, did some careful planning, and in April 2023 we opened our website and uploaded a simple essay. Why Pseudo Civilian?

Since its creation in April, that document has served as our guiding values, and despite our best attempts to poke holes in its arguments, we are yet to find any flaws that need addressing. To surmise its major tenets:

  1. The natural state of systems is to tend towards disorder. Without oversight, all governments will fall to corruption and tyranny.

This is a simple idea that can be observed in every aspect of our lives. It is the law of entropy. Despite the intelligence of man, we are yet to outsmart thermodynamics.

  1. Civilians are responsible for the oversight of the government.

This tenet needs a bit more clarification. It is important to remember that our western ‘democracies’ are predicated on the idea of ‘a government for the people, by the people’. While many interpret this to mean that the government works for us, it is only half of the truth. A more complete interpretation is that the government and the people should maintain each other. This concept of civilian responsibility being necessary to maintain the population's freedoms is the entire point of the 2nd amendment.

This second tenet guides us towards our final question. How do you make a government listen to you?

  1. Civilians should be proficient in the defense of their beliefs.

This is simple human psychology. Would you listen to a health minister that can't run a mile? Then why would a government listen to a civilian whose hands are shackled by incompetence? If you ask for freedom, you must be prepared to protect it. There is no alternative.

Now that we have expanded on the past, we want to look towards the future. We will be stepping slightly back during this Christmas period to spend time with our families and we hope that everyone else is able to do the same. Over this period we want to reflect and grow.

If you have feedback, stories, information, or lessons learned, please reach out.

As far as next year goes, we are hopeful. We have been working on a dramatic shift away from written essays and we are sure that everyone will appreciate the change. Stay tuned, stay deadly.


The Pseudo Civ Team


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